To avoid premature tire failure it is recommended:
- to perfom tire selection in áaccordanse with car manufacturer,s árecommendations;
- to perfom tire ádismountibg/mountibg áon árims on the áspecialized equipment;
- Dont use on the same vehicle axle tires of bias and radial constructions or tires with different tread pattern;
- to use the átires with speed and load indexes corresponding to the vehicle speed or with a higher speed category;
- to use tires for vehicles assignment;
- to observe norms of tire ápressure;
-to mount tires on the recommended wheels rims;
-to perfom tire balancing at áevery servicing-2;
-to perfom tire rotation at áevery servicing-2;
-to keep cars suspension and steering ásystem in good wrking order;
-to perform periodic inspection of átire and rim áwheels conditions;
- to observe átraffic rules.


JSC "Belshina" guarantees:
Compliance with GOST, assuming that ácusumer áfollows operating, transportation ástorage regulations.
Absence of manufacturing defects and tire performance átill áthe limit tread pattern wear, corresponding to the height of wear indicator, within the storage and maintenanse warranty period .
Tires storage and maintenanse warranty period is 5 years from the date of production.