Environmental management system

Belarus pays a lot of attention to creating high living standards and securing peoples health and safety, which can be done only through environment protection and improved environmental performance. BELSHINA JSC strategy is based on the principle of sustainable development, and is aimed at increasing competitive advantage of its product and making it more attractive for investors.

Management and control of environment are among top priorities of our company. Environmental Management System is the main tool.

BELSHINA JSC is governed by the principle of compliance with environmental laws and regulations of Belarus. The company does everything to improve environmental performance, reduce emissions and spillages, usage of hazardous chemicals, and protect land.

BELSHINA JSC Environmental policy is aimed at improving environmental performance, preventing pollution, reducing emergency situations, enhancing employee awareness of environmental issues and responsibilities.

BELSHINA JSC Environmental Management System is certified STB ISO 14001-2005.

BELSHINA JSC Environmental Policy

BELSHINA JSC developed a statement of its commitment to the environment – environmental policy. We use this policy as a framework for planning and action. Our goal is to reduce negative impact of tire production process on environment to the lowest level possible.

To reach this goal the company undertakes to fulfill the following:

· make tires in compliance with environmental law of Belarus;

improve environmental performance through preventing pollution, spillages, reducing wastes;

introduce advanced technologies, equipment, and materials;

enhance employee awareness of environmental issues for better performance of their responsibilities;

monitor and analyze environmental condition to comply with regulations more consistently and effectively;

reduce number of accidents and their harmful effect;

permanently develop environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001 regulations;

improve public awareness through feedback on a permanent basis.

BELSHINA JSC environmental protection department encompasses industrial and sanitary lab and ventilation bureau.

In 2011 National accreditation agency of Belarus acknowledged laboratory compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The laboratory carries out analysis and control of:


  • air condition within sanitary zones;
  • quality of waste waters;
  • concentration of harmful substances in the air of working zones;
  • emission of polluting substances;
  • efficiency of gas-cleaning units.

In 2011 National accreditation agency of Belarus acknowledged ventilation bureau compliance with ISO/IEC 17025. It is responsible for:


  • aerodynamic testing of vent pipes ;
  • aerodynamic testing of smoke protection systems of multistory buildings;
  • pressure and temperature control of gas-dust flows from stationary sources;
  • speed and amount of gas-dust flows from stationary sources .