Belshina is increasing the production

27 august 2020
Belshina is increasing the production

Belshina JSC is planning to produce more than 350 thousand tires in August this year.

The forecasted figure is more than 1.5 times higher than in April and in May, when there was a sharp decline in demand in the global tire market due to the pandemic. Despite the tangible consequences of the coronavirus on the tire industry, our company is currently ensuring a stable increase in capacity utilization, developing new popular types of products, and improving the quality indicators of the tires.

If in April-May the production of tires was marked by low indicators for the Company, then in June-July it increased by 58%. By the end of August, in comparison with May, the growth is being expected by 64%.

By the end of 7 months of this year 2020, Belshina JSC sold about 2 million tires, including more than 1.6 million tires for export.

By the end of the year, despite a significant reduction in demand in the second quarter, Belshina JSC is expected to fulfill the established plans in production and sales volumes. It should be noted that along with contractual obligations, consumers continue to place additional orders for production. The formed portfolio of orders by the end of this year will ensure the optimal production load.

The priority for the company personnel is to work on the fulfillment of the assumed obligations to consumers.