Technology and equipment

Description of technological process: production of passenger car tires .

Raw material for tire production arrives in stock of Procurement Department and Stock Preparation Unit .

Stock preparation unit prepares chemicals, natural and synthetic rubber .

Rubber, carbon black, solid softening agents, free-flowing ingredients for rubber compounds by various means of transport are delivered to stock preparation units of plants, where rubber compounds are made using mixing equipment controlled by computer systems.

After quality control the compounds are transported to parts construction unit making tread, sidewall, breaker, carcass; to calendaring units for rubber coating and cutting of textile and steel cords; to bead ring production unit. Tire carcass has one layer of polyester and anid cords. Tire breaker has two layers of steel cord.

Intermediate product goes to assembly department where tire parts are mounted on modern assembly equipment.

Assembled tires (“raw” tires) are further on transported to vulcanization unit where they are formed, vulcanized and stabilized if need be.

Finished product undergoes 100 per cent visual quality control by specialists of Technical Control Department; on quality inspection lines and special testing equipment. Technical specialists of the company on a regular basis carry out analysis of tire parts by means of destructive testing .