• Product catalog

Product catalog

  • Tires for cars and light trucks

    Belshina’s PCR tires, as well as tires for light trucks meet the strict safety requirements, provide secure grip and high durability.

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  • Tires for trucks and buses

    TBR tires are designed to provide safe driving in all weather and road conditions.

  • Tires for tractors and agricultural machines

    A wide product range from small tires for power tillers and small tractors, trailers, attachments and towing farm equipment to specially developed tires for tractors, the use of which allows you to reduce time of the field work. Years of experience, qualified staff and introduction of advanced technologies have allowed us to create a truly best tires for agriculture.

  • Tires for industrial and building machines

    Belshina’s tires for road construction equipment, industrial machines and all-terrain vehicles thanks to a sufficient margin of safety will cope with any tests and provide a secure grip in the most demanding conditions.


  • Tires for heavy-duty

    Tires for dump trucks have high load index, ability to work in very difficult conditions and provide maximum grip.