Tubeless truck tire 235/75R17.5 model Bel-159, radial, with steel cord breaker, and universal tread pattern. The tire is designed to be used on city bus model MAZ vehicles on roads with improved surface.
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Tyres size

Model Bel-159
Type TL
Tread pattern Universal
Rim: recommended 6.7519.5
Allowed 6.0017.5
Carcass and breaker construction ALL STEEL
Overall diameter (mm) 797
Section width (mm) 233
Load index 130/128 (132/130)
Maximum load (kg) 1900/1800 (2000/1900)
Speed index M (L)
Maximum speed (km/h) 130 (120)
Inflation pressure (kPa) 755
Tyre tread depth (mm) 15