Truck all-metal cord tubeless tire 395/85R20 of model BEL-405, radial, with a metal cord in a carcass and a breaker, with adjustable pressure, with an off-road tread pattern, designed for use on 4x4 vehicles of the MAZ530905 type and 6x6 of the MAZ 6318N9 type, as well as other vehicles with similar characteristics, operating in off-road conditions, on soft soils, as well as on roads of all categories in temperate and tropical climate zones in accordance with GOST (State standard) 15150. The tread pattern with increased depth ensures a long service life and excellent traction properties.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  395/85R20
Model Forcerra BEL-405
Type: TL - tubeless TT - inner tube tire  ТL
Tread pattern Extended cross-country capability

Outer diameter, mm 1180±1,5%
Profile width, mm 386
Static radius, mm 542±1,5%
Maximum load, kg 5600
Tire pressure, kg/cm2 8,7
Maximum speed, km/h 100
Speed index  J
Pattern depth, mm 24,5