Massive highly elastic tire 355/65-15 of mod. Bel-230M with a universal tread pattern is designed for use on special vehicles for internal use - heavy trucks (slag carriers) BelAZ-7921, BelAZ-7925, BelAZ-7924 in a macroclimatic region with a temperate climate in the temperature range from minus 45°C to plus 45° C.

The tread pattern of the tire 355/65-15 Bel-230M was developed in accordance with modern trends and taking into account the specifics of using this tire for intra-factory technological transport.

The design of the 355/65-15 Bel-230M tire adopts a universal tread pattern with a saturation coefficient of 0.82, which provides a sufficient tire contact area with a road, provides reliable mechanical engagement and increased heat transfer, which improves performance.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation 355/65-15
Tire model Bel-230M
Tread pattern type universal
Construction type massive highly elastic, (MHE)
Rim designation 9.75-15
Tire dimensions on rim, mm
- outside diameter
- profile width
- static radius

Maximum load capacity, kg (H) at speed,km/h

7000 (68670)
6940 (68081)
6430 (63078)
5450 (53464)
Maximum speed, km/h 25
Tire weight, kg 125±4