New modern oversized tire 18.00R25 of mod. BEL-183, tubeless, radial, with a metal cord in a carcass and a breaker, with a quarry tread pattern, is designed for operation on quarry dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 32 tons, operated in quarries of the mining industry.

The tread pattern corresponds to modern trends and the specifics of tire use on dump trucks, provides a good level of traction and grip, increases wear resistance, punctures, cuts and chips.

The use of a steel cord in a carcass of the tire provides an increase in carrying capacity, durability of tires for heavy-duty dump trucks operating on unimproved roads in mining quarries, and also reduces rolling losses and fuel consumption.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  18.00R25
Model BEL-183
Type: TL - tubeless TT - inner tube tire TL
Tread pattern Quarry Е-4
Rim 13.00-25/2.5
Outer diameter (mm) 1673
Profile width (mm) 510
Static radius (mm) 766
Maximum load (kg) 9250
Carrying capacity index 185
Tire pressure (kPa) 700
Maximum speed, km/h 50
Speed index B
Tread pattern depth (mm) 50