Agricultural tire 520/70R38 of mod. Bel-111, inner tube, radial, wide-profile with a tread pattern of increased cross-country ability, designed primarily for driving wheels of agricultural tractors «Belarus»-1522 MTZ and self-propelled agricultural machinery of the same class. Tread pattern provides movement of agricultural machinery on both ground and on roads with paved surfaces. The engineered tread pattern provides high self-cleaning and traction characteristics, low contact pressure on the ground, minimal rolling losses, which reduces fuel consumption.

Application: driving wheels of tractors MTZ-1522, Belarus 1221.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  520/70R38
Model Bel-111
Execution TT
Pattern type Extended cross-country capability
Rim: recommended W16L
Permissible DW15L, W18L, DW18L, W15L, DW16L
Outer diameter, mm 1750
Profile width, mm 520
Static radius, mm 780
Carrying capacity index 150/147
Maximum load, kg 3350/3075
Speed index A8/B
Maximum speed 40/50
Tire pressure, MPa 0,16
Tire tread pattern depth, mm 50