Agricultural tire 580/70R42 of mod. Bel-126M, in tubeless and inner tube versions, radial, wide-profile with an off-road tread pattern, designed primarily for driving wheels of Belarus-2522 MTZ (MTZ - Minsk Tractor Works) agricultural tractors and self-propelled agricultural machines of a similar class.

The tread pattern ensures movement of an agricultural machine both on soils and on paved roads.

The developed tread pattern provides high self-cleaning and traction characteristics, low specific contact pressure on soil, minimal rolling losses, which reduces fuel consumption.

Application: Tractors Belarus 200-280 hp.

Characteristic Value
Tire designation  580/70R42
Model Bel-126M
Execution TT, TL
Pattern type cross-country
Rim: recommended DDW18L
Permissible DW18L,W18L
Outer diameter (mm) 1900
Profile width (mm) 585
Static radius 870
Carrying capacity index 158
Maximum load (kg) 4250
Speed index D
Maximum speed 65
Tire pressure (kPa) 160
Tire tread pattern depth (mm) 45